Aimed at Those who have been permitted to stay in Japan, and wish to learn the Japanese language,
namely, those who do not require a visa.
No. of class periods:
    4/day, 20/week(Mon.-Fri.) (Double shift).
  No classes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Class hours:
AM (4 class periods)
PM (4 class periods)
    Note: Students cannot choose class hours.
School expenses:
Registration (3 months.)
Extension (3 months.)
Extension (1 month.)
Admission fee
Tuition fee
Teaching material expenses
Facility & equipment expenses
Teaching material expenses cover teaching material such as printed sheets distributed in class.
Students must buy textbooks at actual prices at school when they are used in class.
School expenses are not refunded.
Classes: Three types of classes are offered: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.
The Introductory Class begins in April and October. Those who want to take this class are
advised to register in time for its beginning.
Those who want to take either the Intermediate or the Advanced Class are allowed to visit both
the classes to determine which class better suits their proficiency.
Introductory Class
 for beginners up to those with Japanese proficiency equivalent to Grade 4
Intermediate Class
 for those with Japanese proficiency equivalent to Grade 3
Advanced Class
 for those with Japanese proficiency equivalent to Grade 2
 Anyone can register at any time for the class that best fits his or her proficiency.
*Our students include people who desire to improve their Japanese to go to a Japanese college or
 university, study at a Japanese high school, get a driver's license, communicate better with their
 family, and relate more deeply with their neighbors.
Registration is always open.
Necessary documents are:
1. Passport
2. Certificate of alien registration
3. One photo (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm) for application form
4. Application for admission, written pledge, written consent to personal data processing,
 and school expenses.
Note: Minors can register only with the consent and in the presence of their parent or guardian.
We are an educational institution offering Japanese-language classes to those who
intend to go to a Japanese college (including a vocational college) or university.
Short course students are taught under the same curriculum as those regular
students. Therefore, it is essential for prospective students to know,
before registration, what is going to be taught and what school events are going
to take place during their learning period.
1. Calculation of the learning period
 As for the learning period of those who take the short course for the first time, three months is one unit.
 The time from the first day of learning until the last day of the three-month period is one unit.
 If a summer or winter vacation occurs during the three-month period, one month is excluded from
 the calculation of time regardless of the actual length of the vacation. The other holidays are not
 excluded from the calculation of time.
2. Extension of the learning period
Short course students can apply for an extension of the learning period by submitting an "Application
for Extension of the Learning Period (Short Course)" by one week before the end of the short course.
Further details are available at the office.
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