Q How much money is necessary for monthly living expenses?
A Though there are individual differences, because no need to pay transportation expenses, living expense may be 4〜5 ten thousand yen. All expenditures ( including school expenses and house rent amounts to 10〜12 ten thousand yen.
Q Are there part time jobs?
A If a student got a " Permit to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted " issued by Sendai Immigration Bureau, a student can work part time job 4 hours a day, payment by the hour is about 650〜800yen, night duty payment by the hour is about 900 yen. Payment differs according to kind of jobs.
Q Are there school dormitories?
A Yes, we have school dormitories. ( 2 rooms with kitchen, bath, toilet for 2 students in one unit.) A student can move into a dormitory, if he/she wants. One month rent is 20,000 yen, besides 100,000yen of key money. Electricity, gas, water charges, students must pay individually.
Q I am worried if I get home sick or not in Japan?
A Because you leave your country and come to foreign country for the first time in your life, you may get home sick to a certain extent. But many students make friends in our school, dormitories and through part time job, and can ease sense of loneliness. And we hope you join events held in our school and in our district.
Q I am worried about my health.
A We have a school infirmary. If a student got ill, we will introduce medical specialist. In Fukushima city, the National Health Insurance system covers foreign students. ( An iusurance premium is about 1,600 yen in a month.) Insurance pay 70% of medical expenses and individuals share 30% of expenses.
Q I want to enter a university in Japan.
A If you received more than 12 years school education and finished senior high school course, you are qualified to enter Japanese university. First you must get high marks in Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, then you take the entrance examination. Because our school can give students perfect guidance and instruction, you can enter a university if you study well.
Q Can I find an employment in Japan?
A After mastering Japanese and receiving higher education in a university or special school, you can find a job in Japan. So far, many students found an employment in Japan.
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